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decor  & Acoustics


Foam-backed wall design with absorber function

Why do offices with suspended OWD systems always have to look so cold and bland. In order to set optically customizable highlights and increase the acoustic effect, we have developed the REEKORE wall and ceiling designs based on the tool system of our MAKRA FLADE.  

In addition to the selectable basic design, your logo can also be integrated in the middle of the panels for a coherent CI. With the cover materials from our suppliers based in Germany, we can realize almost any color in artificial leather and microfibre.  

Even without the OWD system  You can place our jewels on your walls and ceilings over a large area or as a single eye-catcher. In addition to a grandiose overall look, you achieve outstanding acoustic results.  

In addition, the panels easily adapt to the conditions of their surface. In this way, ventilation units and lighting elements can easily be released.  

We would be happy to advise you personally on your project.

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